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Established in 2012, Peekeers is one of the worlds most popular adult entertainment sites of this generation. Being mentioned on XXL Magazine.com, as 'Twitter's best kept secrets'. Our goals are and have always been to reveal the worlds the most tantalizing and sexiest women of our time. From the world's most beautiful adult entertainment model, to the worlds most bootylicious video vixens. We put the risk! in risqué! Wet Showers, Lesbians, Ménage Trios to selfie's taken by our beautiful followers all over the globe; Peekeers is spicing up the viral world one pie at a time. Whether the topic of the day is how to give mind blowing fellatio or your favorite position in the bedroom, our blogs cover and open up every sex topic, known to man. Catering to the innate and insatiable desires of man. We live in a day and age where we no longer need to be afraid or conservative with our sexual desires. At Peekeers we plunge and indulge ourselves in what society deems Taboo!

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